Speaker certificates from theH@ckSummit conference

Speaker certificates from theH@ckSummit conference

We very often manage to travel as speakers to various types of conferences. One of them is theHackSummit, which took place in November. Just today we received diplomas from the organizers.

On Friday, November 5, 2021, theH@ckSummit conference was held, the continuation of the What the H@ck event under a new brand, from its main organizer. It is one of the leading IT Security conferences in Poland, addressed to people related to the cybersecurity industry, as well as programmers, architects, representatives of management staff and all others interested in this area.

The project is distinguished primarily by an interesting, specific and rich agenda, which puts particular emphasis on high-quality substantive value. You will find there over 10 thematic paths from areas such as red teaming (attack), blue teaming (defense), threat hunting, OSINT & forensics, software development lifecycle security (SDLC security), SecOps, SysOps / DevOps / Cloud security, IT compliance, IT risk, privacy, IT governance.

In total, over 120 presentations prepared by experienced practitioners and experts as well as representatives of the scientific community will be waiting for the participants. All lectures will also be available in an exceptionally convenient form of VoD recordings - possible to watch at any convenient time, for 3 months after the event. On the day of the event, there will also be interactive Q&A sessions and discussion panels with speakers.

An interesting addition to the conferences and presentations is the opportunity to take part in practical workshops conducted by experienced trainers from Poland and abroad.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to visit the stands of Sponsors and Partners in the virtual exhibition hall. It is worth seeing what products, services or recruitment offers are offered by leading IT Security organizations.

The event was organized by the Academic Partners Foundation and the National Cyber Security Center (NCBC).

During this presentation, we talked about the technical aspects of IPP in the IoT environment. We covered topics related to the Trusted Execution Environment and various kinds of smart tricks that can be used when compiling your code. We also explained how IPP can use the same preventive techniques as malware.

The aim of the presentation was to show how to make reverse engineering of our products difficult or impossible. The lecture was received with a great reception among the participants.

The next presentation concerned the use of OSINT techniques when checking future candidates in recruitment processes. We showed the possibilities of all social media and search engines of various types. We also showed how to properly build inquiries.

Additionally, this presentation demonstrated how candidates can increase their chances of being employed and how to be noticed by future employers.

Also, the event was really amazing and we look forward to the next edition of theHackSummit. At the moment we are focusing on the development of our Java newsletter.

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