Silencenews in 2022

Silencenews in 2022

But before we move on to our plans and ideas for further development, let's stop for a moment and summarize the previous year, even though this one will be better in my opinion.

First, a podcast

Last year, several episodes of the podcast were released, where the invited guests talk about themselves and answer our questions. We managed to invite amazing people from Poland.

The first was Michał Bartkiewicz. Michał talked about his work as an IT recruiter and about his most joyful moments and biggest failures.

Another person was my friend and mentor, Adrian Kapczyński. We talked about passion and the process of growing up in IT. I also managed to ask him the uncomfortable question why he made me quit my studies.

The next interview was extremely difficult for me. I talked to my student, Adam Chojaczyk. We talked about his beginnings in IT and about the obstacles and what motivates him.

Then, my guest was Wojciech Balcerzak. Wojciech is one of the best sourcers in Poland in my opinion. We talked about how to get found at the beginning of your IT journey.

Przemysław Tadeusz talked about the AWS cloud. We also talked about junior competences that are required in the cloud industry.

The next guest was Łukasz Wudyka. We talked about the SEO / SEM industry and Łukasz gave some amazing advice for both companies and people who just want to enter the industry.

The last guest in the first quarter was Adrian Kargul. Adrian talked about the methods of conducting scientific research.

This year, the podcast will come back, or rather, in a completely new form. We invited guests from all over the world who we believe are authorities in their field.

Newsletter and other products

Currently, 25,000 people are subscribed to our newsletter. We plan to increase the reach to 100,000 in 2022. In addition, the form of the newsletter will change, which in our opinion is better. And here is a huge field for cooperation.

If you want to earn money with us, all you need to do is create an account on our website and we will provide you with an affiliate link. Our affiliate program works and it works great.

But in addition, if you have a blog, YouTube channel, or other interesting materials related to the Java language, we can put links to you in each newsletter issue. The cost of such a service is $ 1,000 per month.


Training is a completely new area for us, which we are yet to enter. We have amazing trainers and an innovative 3-month training program that is completely different from the one done in a bootcamp. Each week has a different mentor to guide you through the software development process. However, our specialists will take care of preparing you for work and your soft skills.


This plot of land is not new to us at all. But this year we are starting the 100% employment program after our academy. Not only do we want to teach you to program, we also guarantee not 100%, but 1000% of employment opportunities with our clients. And I promise you will not forget the academy's program for a long time.

Regards and we can hear you already on Monday.

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