Java Newsletter vol 2

Java Newsletter vol 2

Our newsletter consists of as many as 60 pages of professional knowledge about Java and related technologies.

In the second part of the Java course we will talk about JDK, JRE and JVM. In addition, you will also know the differences between these concepts.

In the second part of the Git course, we add following description provides a very general overview of the Git version control system.

Also we add few recruitment questions:

  1. What are the different access modifiers for Java classes?
  2. What is Java ClassLoader?
  3. Explain the main difference between fail-fast and fail-safe iterators.
  4. What are loops in Java? - Explain the three types of loops.
  5. What does the word final mean in Java? - Give an example.

We have created a pretty good newsletter for me, although the first issue could be wider, better and more spacious. Truth? In the newsletter, we constantly discuss the topics of JRE, JDK and JVM and we say that the bytecode is executed by the JRE - Java Runtime Environment. And if you are reading our newsletter, you also know that JRE is a virtual machine implementation whose job is to parse, interpret and execute bytecode.

I assume you are a beginner in the IT industry. Truth? You've successfully completed the recruitment process and you are about to start your first job. You only need to sign a contract ...

The contract is obviously not equal to the contract. There are those that are worth signing only when the total annual amount is at least $ 500,000, and there are those that should not be signed at all. We have prepared a few tips for you that will allow you to avoid many mistakes related to signing contracts.

And we publish first beginner's profile. Mathew is an amazing person. He is currently working as a trader, but is just finishing a 9-month programming bootcamp. Mateusz has amazing knowledge of Java programming for a junior. From April, it will be available for rent at a rate of 35 euros per hour. Let's see what Mateusz has to say about himself.

Adrian Kapczyński PhD is an amazing person. I had the opportunity to meet him once again while recording a podcast about passion and dedication. During my studies, he was my supervisor. And it was he who ordered me to quit them. In this number, We added Adrian's profile.

The newsletter can be ordered by clicking on this link.

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