About the role of developer advocate with Hugh McKee

About the role of developer advocate with Hugh McKee

Hugh McKee is a developer advocate at Lightbend. He has had a long career building applications that evolved slowly, that inefficiently utilized their infrastructure, and were brittle and prone to failure. That all changed when he started building reactive, asynchronous, actor-based systems. This radically new way of building applications rocked his world. As an added benefit, building application systems became way more fun than it had ever been. Now he is focused on helping others to discover the significant advantages and joys of building responsive, resilient, elastic, message-driven applications.

Developer Advocate in Lighbend Inc. Life long technologist. Grew up out in the wild working with many companies on software development projects and at times providing training and support. More recently moved to focus on internal HP IT working on customer facing applications. Currently working on a tools and platform team that supports internal application teams in the cloud. Have loved software and systems development from the first few lines of code and hitting run and there is no end in sight.

In this interview, Olga Szczepankiewicz is the host: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-szczepankiewicz-33333b13b/

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