About software testing and Agile methodology with Gil Zilberfeld (TestinGil)

About software testing and Agile methodology with Gil Zilberfeld (TestinGil)

Meet my next guest. He name is Gil Zilberfeld. For over 20 years, He had developed, tested, managed and designed software products. He had gone through failures and successes, in different types of projects and companies.

He started as a developer and since then have gone to work also as a tester, team leader, product, and project manager. He bring more than 20 years of experience in helping developers, testers, automation experts, and everyone who develops products be more effective at their jobs and lead them to their success.

He teach development and architecture techniques, refactoring and clean code, test planning, automation and reporting, and agile methodologies, estimation, and planning. He help teams focus on quality while being efficient in doing so.

Author of Everyday Unit Testing and Everyday Spring Testing. And regularly speaks at international conferences on these topics.

To learn more head to http://www.gilzilberfeld.com and Gil's site: http://www.everydayunittesting.com/

In this interview, Olga Szczepankiewicz is the host: >https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-szczepankiewicz-33333b13b/

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