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Become an Author

We are constantly looking for new authors and researchers to join our team. In particular, we are looking for those who have experience in creating recruitment tasks and Java tutorials.

What does that mean? Why does a respected and recognized educational newsletter want you to post your work here?

Skills we are looking for

Our goal is to create the largest community of software engineers in the world. We focus on both programming and cybersecurity. Broad topic isn't it?

Our main goal is to help software engineers grow and learn.

Of course, if you want to write for us, we can offer you several benefits. Here they are:

  1. Writing on a topic and educating others on a topic that interests you, not only in developing your skills, but also in teaching others.
  2. Revealing your name to the community, especially if you're starting your career as a freelancer.
  3. You are an established developer or consultant and want to add variety to your platform while enhancing your writing skills.
  4. Become an expert in your field.
  5. Collaborate with other authors on topics, projects, and more!
  6. There are many more benefits associated with this position, some of which have kept many of our authors for a long time and also led them to other opportunities!

Now let's talk about money

Some of our authors make as much as $ 3,000 a month publishing high-quality tutorials and recruiting assignments. Why is it like that?

We have the following starting rates:

  • daily news - $ 5
  • daily task and solution - $ 25
  • weekly Code Completion Task - $ 50
  • weekly technology or library review - $ 100
  • weekly comprehensive tutorial - $ 250

If you are a regular writer who consistently meets deadlines, delivers quality content, and engages with your readers, you can expect raises and paying higher bills as you continue to work with us. . Earn money on home schooling topics you like by working with a dispersed team. Not bad, right?

How to start cooperation

We need the following information from you:

  • First name and last name.
  • A short paragraph about your background and why you fit well.
  • Link to an article that you wrote, helped create or like.
  • Two ideas for tutorials you would like to write for us.
  • Examples of your work, attached images or a link to your portfolio.

Emails containing only a few sentences will be rejected ... we want our passionates to teach our passionate readers! Submit the above using this form:

I look forward to hearing from you and looking forward to working with you and further educating our readers.